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If you signed a non-compete agreement that is preventing you from earning a living, turn to the non-compete attorney at Rom Law P.C. for help.

I've been helping clients in Massachusetts challenge their non-compete agreements. A new state law limits the scope of, and length of time for, non-compete agreements in Massachusetts. I'll determine if your non-compete agreement can be narrowed or challenged and explain the steps I'll take to resolve your legal matter. Bring your non-compete agreement to Rom Law P.C. right away.

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When you visit Rom Law P.C., you'll learn all of the legal options you have to fight your non-compete agreement. I rely on my keen eye and years of experience to work toward the best outcome for you.

I take pride in helping clients in Chelmsford, MA fight their non-compete agreements. Find out if the non-compete agreement you signed is enforceable. Call Rom Law P.C. at 617-776-0575 or 978-455-9589 today for a consultation. I serve clients in Lowell, Lawrence, Worcester, Boston, Chelmsford, and other communities in Massachusetts.